Project Description

Case Study: Misonix


Misonix, the leader in ultrasonic equipment, including scalpels used in spinal surgery, was in need of an agency to develop
and properly launch and execute healthcare-oriented marketing materials which prior to our engagement with them was
handled internally. As their first agency of record, they realized they needed a more professional approach to branding and
messaging of their products. We were tasked with launching a corporate and product brand (including several sub-brands)
that would increase awareness of their products, their commitment to safer and more precise spinal surgery, and of course
encourage usage. They also wanted to open new markets, including surgical debridement in burn care.


Develop a unique brand look and feel and targeted, compelling messaging that stands out in the crowded surgical space
and is as unique as the products they manufacture.

What we did

After extensive research on competitive brand elements and market research with surgeons, we developed a “luxury” style
brand with unique, bold and elegant color scheme, a memorable tagline, and compelling visuals. Among the tactics we
• Corporate identity
• Product branding
• Multiple sales brochures and collateral
• Trade show booth
• Trade show video loops
• Brand reveal video
• Posters and signage
• HTML invitations
• Website
• Digital banner ads
• Illustrated usage guides


Sales and stock price increased significantly from the point of our engagement forward. We were not provided sales

numbers but were told that they consistently exceeded expectations.

“This has been a historic day for our company.”

Scott Ludecker, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing

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