A New You: How Healthcare Companies are Implementing Creativity in their Digital Healthcare Rebranding Campaigns

A Brand of Bits The healthcare industry is rife with challenges. The past few years have seen a global healthcare pandemic with COVD-19, causing people to lose their livelihood or have their lives radically changed. Many employees are now working [...]

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Your Liver or Your House? The Problem with Medical Billing

A Bill Not Named William Modern medicine has afforded the world’s population endless benefits. Thanks to scientific advances in medicine, the world’s life expectancy has improved dramatically from the 19th Century to the present. Life expectancy in the United [...]

Show Me!: How Creatively Implementing Graphic Design Can Improve Your Brand

A Universal Language Ancient Petroglyphs - Nine Mile Canyon, Utah Iconography and imagery have been used by humans for tens of thousands of years. Humans were using tools for cave drawings as early as 73,000 years ago [...]

The Battle for Fertile Ground: Ukraine-Russia Conflict Places a Spotlight on the Need to Bioengineer the World’s Grains

In February of 2022 Vladimir Putin deployed a military occupation of Ukraine due to his alleged fears of Ukraine potentially becoming a member of NATO. This act of aggression has displaced millions of people from their homes in Ukraine, [...]

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